DownloadHow Executives Fail: 25 Surefire Recipes for Sabotaging Your Career.”

You can drive change… or be run over by it.

Times have changed. Norms are over. The pandemic, social upheaval, and political unrest...there’s no way to know it all.  There's no guidebook for the unprecedented.
Joelle Thayer, CEO Leadership TBD
Joelle Thayer, CEO Leadership TBD

Joelle Thayer

CEO, LeadershipTBD
Leadership TBD training and courses

There’s no playbook for the unfamiliar

And as far as significantly improving performance? Creating greater value in your organization every year? The world is changing too fast to just build on what you know from the past.

Leaders have to constantly learn in the moment, and for the moment, to accomplish their most ambitious goals and to set new ones.

The brutal truth is that what got you here won’t get you to wherever you want to be. It’s time to shatter the pattern, to make possible what’s necessary and necessary what’s possible, and to lean into new ways of thinking, being, and doing in leadership.

Download "How Executives Fail: 25 Surefire Recipes for Sabotaging Your Career."

“’s terrific!”
- Warren Bennis
Author & Leadership Expert

Challenging leaders to think differently, be better, & do less to accomplish even more

It’s time for CEOs to develop a new learner’s mindset around leadership: one that recognizes “any way of seeing is a way of not seeing,” one that “always asks if there’s another way,” and one that will empower you with “the courage to be ruthless about learning…and unlearning.”

Those are the words of Dr. Lee Thayer, whose life’s work transformed how we think about leadership.

Leadership TBD (Thinking, Being, Doing) — based on Dr. Thayer’s work, and led by his protégé and successor, Joelle Thayer — will guide you to eliminate the habits and thinking that no longer serve you and your company.  There is no playbook for today’s unprecedented challenges.

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Dr. Lee Thayer

Dr. Lee Thayer

- Your title gives you authority. Your capacity to lead gives you the power to realize your vision. How successful you can be depends upon how you THINK, because that determines who you ARE, which determines how you will DO what you do.
Joelle Thayer, CEO Leadership TBD

Joelle Thayer

CEO, Leadership TBD
Leadership LTBD
Dr. Lee Thayer

Dr. Lee Thayer

- If you truly want to reinvent yourself ... and have a deep passion to change and improve, read Lee Thayer.

Larry Bull

CEO, Createch Machine & Design
Dr. Lee Thayer

Dr. Lee Thayer

- The supreme master of counter-intuition… high-performance leadership’s modern day Yoda.

Michael W. Norris

Senior Chairman, Vistage

Tom Peters
Leadership guru

- Lee gave me the best advice I ever received.

Ralph Stayer

CEO Johnsonville Sausage

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